Why it is important to read label instructions before washing clothing

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Reading label instructions

Do you bother to read label instructions on your clothing? Reading the care labels on clothing is very important because labels provide information about the fabric and how to wash it. They can tell you if you should wash your garment in cold water or warm water, what type of detergent should be used, and what temperature should be set for dryer cycles.

If you don't read the care instructions before washing your clothes, then you might end up damaging them through improper care.

The following are several key reasons why it is important to read label instructions when laundering your garments and even before buying them.

Time saving and hassle free

Machine washable garments and non-iron shirts that can be worn without ironing are time-saving care instructions. With the rise of fast fashion, many people have started to switch over to machine washable clothing. There are several reasons why these clothes are becoming popular, including their convenience, affordability, and sustainability. Thus, reading the care instructions is equally important and time saving.

Avoid expensive cleaning

Different fabrics require different types of care procedures. You can save yourself some money by taking the time to read the care instructions on your clothing items. For example, garments with a "Dry Clean Only" care label should be avoided as they are expensive to maintain. Not only does that cost a lot of money, but it also takes a long time to do laundry. So, if you're looking for a way to save money and time, then maybe dry clean only clothes aren't the best option.

Keep it glowing

If you use the wrong detergent, process, or water temperature, you can weaken the bond between the dye and the fabric. This will cause the garment to lose its color. There are different types of detergents that are used to clean clothes. Detergent is a chemical substance that helps remove dirt and stains from clothes. Washing clothes with detergents is a great way to keep your clothes looking fresh and clean. But, if you do not read the directions carefully, you may end up using too much detergent and ruining your clothes.That’s why it is important to read label instructions to keep your clothes glowing.

Decoding Care: A Comprehensive Handbook to Understanding Washing Label Instructions

Dive deep into the world of garment care with "Decoding Care: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Washing Label Instructions." This guide will equip you with the knowledge to interpret laundry symbols accurately, extend your clothes' lifespan and ensure their optimal care. Begin your journey to become a laundry care expert today.

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Find the perfect fit

Your clothes will last much longer if you take care of them properly by checking the care label instructions before washing them and you'll avoid any mishaps like shrinking, stretching or color fading. It is also important to read the label instructions in order to maintain the warranty on your garments.

  • Wash time: Wash time refers to the amount of time your clothes spend in the machine. Generally speaking, shorter wash times mean less agitation, which means less wear and tear on your clothes. However, longer wash times allow your clothes to soak in the detergent and rinse more completely.

  • Proper ironing: If ironing is done properly, it does not harm the fabric. In fact, it can make the material softer and smoother. But, if ironing is done improperly, it can leave permanent creases on the fabric.

  • Avoid bleach or fabric softener: Bleach can permanently stain clothes and ruin their color. It should never be used on white garments. Detergents are designed to clean specific fabrics. To get the best results, choose a detergent that matches the fabric type.

  • Dry clothes properly: After you finish washing your clothes, hang them outside to dry. Do not put them in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can fade colors and cause wrinkles.

  • Keep your closet organized: Store your clean clothes in a cool place. If you want to keep your closet organized, make sure everything is hanging straight and flat. Make sure you have plenty of hooks and shelves to hold your clothes.

Don’t get fooled

It is important to be able to distinguish between synthetic and genuine materials, as synthetic materials are often sold at a higher price. A care label will usually indicate whether an item is made of synthetic or natural materials. Genuine materials often last longer than synthetic materials, so it's important to know what you're getting before you make a purchase. Synthetic fabrics are man-made fibers created using chemical processes. These chemicals may cause harm to humans if they get into our bodies.

Guidelines for laundry washers

It acts as a guide to how clothes and other textiles should be cleaned. The laundry care instructions also help laundry washers and dry cleaners to clean clothes and other textiles to satisfy the needs of their customers. Additionally, it can prevent consumers from accidentally damaging garments and extend the life of a product.

Laundry care labels are not always clear enough about what they mean. At FreshRobe, we pay attention to every label and take extra care of each cloth. Our expert team sorts out the clothes based on order notes, label instructions, colors and washing process to wash them separately in highly efficient washers to ensure the best cleaning quality. We provide solutions for all your laundry needs, like same day service, free laundry pickup and drop off, washing and folded, dry cleaning. Go ahead and schedule your first laundry pickup today!

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