Dry Cleaning Services

Eliminate trips to dry cleaner. Have your items cleaned and pressed by professionals without leaving your home. Expert cleaning is what we do.


Carefull Inspection

Precise inventory and order tracking

Spot Treatment

Gentle stain and spot removal

Pro Cleaning

Precise cleaning by trained professionals

Finished & Packaged

Carefull pressing and packaging for best results


Our Dry Cleaning Delivery

Dry-Cleaning Services *

Please, indicate which items need to be dry-cleaned by putting them in a separate bag.

Dry cleaned and pressed
$ 5.99
Full-body item
Coat, dress, jumpsuit, sari
$ 14.99
Top half-body item
Blouse, jacket, sweater, vest
$ 8.49
10% off
Bottom half-body item
Skirt, pants, shorts
$ 8.49
10% off
Accessory item
Tie, scarf
$ 8.49

All dry-cleaning orders take 48-72 hours to complete.

Delivery & Miscellanious Charges
Pick-up and delivery
Included with every order
Rush delivery
Next day delivery for wash & fold orders only.
Based on availability.
Special access fee
Special access fee is charged if our delivery driver has a difficult time delivering or dropping off your order.
No-show fee
No-show fee is charged if there is no order available for pick-up when our driver stops by your location. Please, cancel your pick-up to avoid a no-show fee.

Pick-up & Delivery Notes

Pick-up & delivery times

We complete our pick-ups and deliveries every weekday and on Saturdays from 5pm till 10pm.

Pick-up & delivery notifications

You will receive a notification on your phone or email (controlled in preferences) every time your order is picked up or delivered.

Special access notes

If you location requires any special access notes, please let us know in the notes section when you schedule your order.


Reclaim your weekend. Get back 2 hours a week or more.


Expert Cleaners

Let proffesionals clean your clothing

Detailed Inspection

Pockets, stains, clothing labels

Cleaning Rewards

Earn rewards on every order

Pick-up & Delivery

Fast pick-up and delivery to your home